The Summer Is Here. Time to Tune-up Your AC

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The air conditioner has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. After sitting idle all through the winter, the air conditioner is ready for the summer. If you do not perform precautionary steps before the blazing, you may seek a professional HVAC technician in Babylon.

Steps to Follow to Get Your AC Ready for the Summer

Be Careful

Whatever you do, safety is paramount. Make sure that the electricity is off. The capacitor in the outside unit holds an electric charge, and that is what can be dangerous. For better safety, start working after a few minutes of the power cut. At the same time, you can choose your reliable HVAC installation service in Babylon.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the reasons why we get cool air circulated across the room. Since it is not operative in winter, you may find dirt and dust there. Clean them with low-pressure water. You can also replace the filter if it becomes non-usable. For a better outcome, we advise you to call for a skilled HVAC technician in Babylon.

Clear the Condenser and Evaporator Units

The joint work of these two coils results in the generation of cool air. While the condenser unit is a part of the outside machine, the evaporator is over the furnace. You can clean them easily. Most of the time the condenser unit remains filled with dirt, debris, leaves, or plants. If this process turns out to be grueling, contact your AC installation service provider in Babylon.

Inspect the Ducts and Clean Them

While you can inspect the ducts from the outside, you can’t check the ducts from the inside. This process requires a professional HVAC installation technician in Babylon. A pro technician checks your ducts thoroughly and then cleans them gradually. It might be problematic to follow such steps and perform the cleaning process.

Check If You Hear any Unfamiliar Sound from Your AC

Due to not using it for a few months, you might hear unusual sounds coming out of your AC. It can happen due to a clogged air filter, fan blades, or leakage. It is crucial to discover such problems before the summer kicks in. You can arrange for professional help like an HVAC technician in Babylon and repair or replace the component(s) in due time.

Thermostat Calibration

You should not maintain your thermostat at the same temperature as during the cold season. Just before the beginning of the summer, try calibrating it as per the weather. You can also use the safety manuals provided by the company or consider hiring your reliable HVAC installation service provider in Babylon.


Finally, we suggest you keep turning your AC on a few weeks before the hot season. This early start-up will help you detect problems beforehand. Since this is about maintenance work of your AC, we have the best solution at hand should you need an HVAC service – Cool Air Designs Inc.

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