How To Troubleshoot Your Home Heating System

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A furnace is a commercial heating equipment that generates heat using a direct combustion process in which air is dispersed across the necessary space from a closed chamber where gases, often methane and propane, are burned.

The purpose of this post is to highlight typical issues furnace owners encounter, along with solutions. Always remember to refrain from using the system if you have any problems. Call for assistance from our specialist as soon as possible to prevent any fatal malfunctions. 

Five Most Common Furnace Problems

1. Ineffective heating

The furnace has filters that keep the space clean by capturing dust and grime. Dust and dirt build up on the surface over time, impeding airflow and lowering heating effectiveness. To prevent significant and expensive malfunctions, a furnace owner must frequently clean the air filters with a brush and running water.

2. The furnace is making strange noises

There are many sounds connected to various problems. Popping and rattling are frequent noises that require a thorough duct examination and a check for loose parts. At the first indication of problems, turn off the furnace and dial for help as soon as possible.

3. Broken or malfunctioning thermostat

A fan that never stops running is the first indication that the thermostat is broken. Before turning on the furnace, always check the thermostat fan setting to get the best heating performance without using more energy.

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4. The furnace is producing no hot air

Check the pilot light immediately after turning on the furnace. It can be dangerous for you and your family if it flickers or turns yellow because it signifies a blockage in the ducts that allows carbon monoxide to build up. Refrain from using the system, and make a quick call to our specialist.

5. Furnace short cycling

The system is short cycling if your furnace turns on and off more frequently than three to four times in an hour. As a result, you will lose all your heating efficiency, and increased energy use will raise your electricity expenses.

A blocked filter is the most frequent reason for short cycling and inappropriate thermostat settings. Refrain from using the system if your furnace is short cycling; instead, seek expert assistance.


Maintaining your heater before the cold weather arrives is the best way to prevent heater breakdowns. You can check a few things before calling our heater technician, which might save you some money and get your heater running faster.

It is suggested to make a yearly service appointment right before the beginning of the winter season to avoid any unexpected malfunctions or problems and to get the most value for your money from your HVAC system. It is necessary to consult our HVAC technician if you fail to repair the system on your own.

Your heating system will also last longer and require fewer repairs and replacements if you hire a professional. For more information regarding furnace repair in Babylon, visit Cool Air Designs