Furnace Safety Tips For The Winter

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As winter approaches, you need to prepare your household and start the maintenance of your furnace so it can provide efficient heating throughout the long cold months. Making such arrangements can help avoid unforeseen breakdowns and repairs to your furnace.

Four Tips to Maximize your Furnace's Efficiency

Performing periodic maintenance on your furnace goes beyond ensuring that it meets your needs. Any faulty parts, cracks, leaks, or connections that might have developed into more severe problems are brought to light. Below are four major tips that can help you maintain and keep the unit up-to-date:

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance

For smooth and efficient operation, all machines require periodic maintenance and care. It is always wise to thoroughly examine your furnace before a period of heavy use, even if it is the most technologically advanced furnace on the market that promises fewer breakdowns and greater efficiency.

Contact Cool Air Designs for furnace replacement service in Babylon and surrounding areas, to schedule thorough furnace maintenance. By taking preventive measures, you ensure that your appliance, home and family are not at risk from unfortunate or dangerous occurrences, such as gas leaks, which are hard to detect.

  • Keep your Filters Clean

It is not always necessary to clean or replace air filters during regular maintenance. Inefficient heating and high energy bills can all be caused by clogged air filters. The process of cleaning or replacing air filters is relatively simple.

The air filters in your furnace should be cleaned or replaced every month on average. It may be necessary to tend to them more often if you live in a particularly cold or polluted area.

  • Check Thermostat Settings

After your furnace has been inactive for a long time, the thermostat may need to be adjusted. Ensure the battery is charged, the connections are good, and the relay is working properly.

Getting a new thermostat for your furnace is often recommended by HVAC experts. Their advanced technology allows them to monitor and control your heating needs, drastically reducing energy bills. A new thermostat adapts to patterns of use and delivers maximum output at the right time.

  • Look Out for Worn-Out Parts and Rust

Machines go through wear and tear over time, as expected. However, you should always pay attention to any major wear, tear, or severe rusting at or near any delicate or chief component. Rusting can be a common sight around your furnace’s components.

In addition to protecting your appliance from rust, it receives layers of paint and protective coverings. With gradual use and erosion, these layers erode over time, exposing the component to moisture and rust. The best thing you can do in such a situation is to consider AC replacement or tune-up.

Hire the Best HVAC Technicians

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