How To Increase The Life And Efficiency Of My AC

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AC installation in Babylon is an expensive affair, and nobody would want to do it again and again, every five to seven years. Moreover, AC’s are the biggest energy consumers. If you are a homeowner, you are probably looking for ways to ensure that the appliance is working at its utmost efficiency and for as long as possible. We have found a few ways by which you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioners and at the same time increase the lifespan of the appliance:

  1. Set The Thermostat A Few Degrees Warmer: You probably are thinking about using an air conditioner if you will have to put the temperature to a higher degree. We are trying to say that it has been noticed that most people tend to set the thermostat at way too low, which is not necessary for comfort. On the other hand, if you set it just a few degrees higher, it can have a huge impact on your electricity bills.
  2. Schedule Regular Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioners: If your area is not too hot, it is advised that you search for AC contractors near me for AC maintenance at least once a year. It is advised to get the maintenance done at least twice a year for the places that face extremely hot climates. During maintenance, your AC is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and if there is any minor issue that requires a tune-up, it is fixed. By regular maintenance of air conditioners, the efficiency of your appliance increases, and the lifespan also increases to a great extent.
  3. Keep Your Vents Clear: One way to ensure that your AC is working to its maximum potential is to ensure that your vents are not blocked and are free from debris, fungi, etc. If not kept clean, it will reduce the appliance’s efficiency and force your AC to work harder to produce the same output. It would put a lot of pressure on other parts of the AC, like compressor, condenser, etc. As a result, the life of the appliance would also reduce. Thus, it is important to keep your vents clean at all times.
  4.   Close All The Doors And Windows: Keeping the doors and windows open would result in all the cool air leaving the room. This can result in serious inefficiency. So it is advised to keep the doors and windows closed, and even use curtains on the windows. If you wish to air out space, do it after switching your AC off.
  5.  Keep All The Heat-Producing Appliances Away From Your Thermostat: The location of your thermostat is also important. Avoid keeping the thermostat at a particularly warm corner of the room and ensure that the appliances that radiate heat are not anywhere close to the thermostat. Either of the cases would make it difficult for your thermostat to gauge the temperature of the room.

By opting for expert air conditioning contractors near me, you would be given a clear idea of the dos and don’ts of the AC. So for the best and affordable AC installation in Babylon, give us a call at (631) 676-7733.