How Can You Make Your Air Conditioner Cool Faster?

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The weather has become hotter, and the summer has started to hit in many places. With the hot weather, the demand for quality air conditioners has also increased. But the more demand for air conditioners, the more expensive they became. Customers also tend to buy a new unit when their old one breaks down, leading to an unnecessary loss of money. If you’re looking for new units, search for air conditioner contractors near me.

A foolproof method to deal with this problem is to make your AC cool the room faster without unnecessary expenditure of energy. So given below are some tips that will help your air conditioner to cool faster:

  • Turn Of The Unit: Make sure to turn off the unit after a certain time ( half an hour) and when you go out. To have a cool home, set the timer to half an hour before you reach. In this way, you can reduce energy expenditure and save money. If your timer isn’t working, contact any AC installation in Babylon.
  • Set The Right Temperature: The right temperature for efficient working of the air conditioner unit is 25-degree Celsius. So set the right temperature to ensure optimum performance. Anything lower than 25-degree Celsius will force the unit to expend more energy and later more money. Therefore, setting the right temperature will reduce the cost by about 6-8%. For more information, contact any AC installation in Babylon.
  • Furniture: Make sure the furniture in your home is not covering any vents. If they are, rearrange the furniture in a way that the cold air can flow smoothly.
  • Fans And Lights: Ceiling fans along with AC can cover a lot more area than using one of them alone. At the same time, exhaust fans draw the cold air out. Therefore, make sure to switch off any exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. Also, light bulbs cause the room to heat up faster, therefore switching off all the lights.
  • Open And Close Windows: In other words, don’t let the heat and sunlight get inside the room during the day. Use thick curtains to block the light. And make sure to install the air conditioner in a room without big windows.
  • Use A Dehumidifier: Humid air is the greatest enemy to the air conditioner. It forces the unit to expend more energy, and hence it increases the bill. Therefore, use a dehumidifier to suck the moisture out of the air and to make it dry. Air conditioner units work better in dry air.
  • Clean And Check The Unit: Clean and check the unit for any disturbances regularly. If you don’t have time, then do it at least once a fortnight. Give maximum focus to the ducts and filters.

These tips will help in getting faster cooling out of the air conditioner unit.

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