Five Symptoms of AC Compressor Failure

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Not sure why your AC is not working properly? There might be a few reasons, and one of them might lead you to replace your AC unit be Compressor failure or breakdown.

The compressor is the core of the air conditioning system, responsible for pressurizing refrigerant so it can absorb heat from the air in your space and release it outside. Diagnose your AC under the assistance of an HVAC contractor in Babylon if you encounter these issues mentioned below in the article.

Top Symptoms of Compressor Failure

Compressor repair or replacement is expensive, and you’ll want to catch any problems that could lead to compressor failure as soon as possible. As a solution, here are five early warning indicators that the compressor is willing to fail:
  • Weak Airflow: One of the first signs of AC compressor failure is a reduction in airflow. It may, however, be difficult to notice. Putting your hands beneath the vents is the easiest method of determining if the airflow is poor. If there is little to no airflow or warm air when it should be cold, your air conditioner has a compressor problem. You should immediately contact an HVAC professional to have it repaired.
  • System blows warm air: If the condenser appears to be running the system yet is blowing warm air, this is another sign that the AC compressor will fail. A faulty compressor cannot flow refrigerant through the system, leading to a lack of cooling power.
  • Loud Banging Noises: If your HVAC unit begins to make loud banging or growling noises, along with vibrations, you should be concerned right once. It could indicate a variety of issues, including AC compressor failure. These AC noises suggest that the compressor has difficulty starting and will eventually fail. The thumping sound also indicates that the compressor’s electrical components have failed. If it continues, seek professional help, or else you will end up replacing the entire HVAC unit.
  • Circuit breaker tripping: Is your outdoor condensing unit consistently losing power & tripping the breaker? Your compressor could be overheating the circuit breaker to trip, which is a symptom of AC compressor failure. Do not step back and notify the professional as soon as possible for safety and security.
  • Inadequate Oil Lubricant: For your air conditioner to perform effectively, it will require a proper amount of oil lubricant. The system won’t work properly if there’s not enough oil lubricant in your AC unit, which could lead to compressor failure. With that in mind, make certain to hire a professional.


Repair or replacement of a compressor is expensive, and if the problem gets bigger, you should appoint an air conditioner specialist. You could get an effective solution by contacting an HVAC contractor near me that will help you. Seeking a reliable and certified HVAC contractor? Cool Air Designs Inc has been delivering HVAC services for years. Our professionals are highly-qualified and use advanced equipment to detect and resolve issues with the unit.