Consequences Of Neglecting The Fall Furnace Maintenance

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Maintaining your furnace is essential to extending its life. It also increases the furnace’s efficiency, leading to cheaper heating costs, less wear, and fewer repairs and replacements. Heating efficiency is hampered by neglecting HVAC maintenance, which leads to a slew of additional problems. That’s why it is important to have your HVAC system serviced by professionals like furnace repair Babylon at least once in the fall.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  • The heat exchanger, which removes the harmful gasses produced by the combustion process and vents them out of your home, is one of the essential components of your system.
  • Cracks can form as the exchanger expands and contracts in response to temperature fluctuations during running cycles.
  • This permits the harmful carbon monoxide gasses to enter your home.
  • Carbon monoxide has no odor or color, so if you don’t have your HVAC system inspected by professionals like heating repair Babylon in the fall, those cracks will go unreported.
  • In addition to carbon monoxide entering your home’s air, the general quality of the air might deteriorate, resulting in a variety of respiratory issues.

Variations in Temperature

  • Temperature fluctuations do not pose the same health risk as carbon monoxide.
  • Still, they can make everyone in the house uncomfortable, impair productivity, and cost you a lot of money in heating and cooling expenses.
  • When you don’t undertake preventive maintenance on your system in the fall, the chances of it breaking down skyrocket.
    When dirt and debris accumulate on components and ventilation is hindered, more significant, more expensive problems arise, leading to system failure.
  • This typically takes homes off guard, and it can happen when the weather and outdoor temps are unpleasant, necessitating costly furnace repair.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

  • It doesn’t take much time for the air filter in your furnace to become fully clogged with dust, debris, and even mold if you don’t maintain it.
  • The next thing you know, along with the heat, they’re being circulated throughout your building.
  • Now consider that you and everyone else are inhaling this dirt in your building.
  • It’s no surprise that individuals start getting sick at this time of year.
  • Fall furnace maintenance by heating repair Babylon is essential for your system and your health.
  • Cleaning your system and replacing your air filter is a modest amount to pay to avoid this danger.


  • Most furnaces are designed to last 15 – 20 years with regular care and maintenance.
  • But, neglect leads to increased wear and tear on your HVAC system’s components, causing it to fail much before its expected lifespan.
  • Moisture can develop when dirt builds upon them, obstructing air movement causing them to rust.
  • When you have a professional evaluate your furnace and entire HVAC system regularly, your technician will be able to notice potential problems and solve them before they become more significant problems or even system failures.
  • The cost of replacing a part now is likely to be less than replacing your entire system later, especially if it happens late at night or on a weekend when emergency care is more expensive.

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