What Causes an AC Compressor to Explode?

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Air conditioning compressors do not burst as modern devices now comprise new gas-based coolants with some enclosing propane or butane. However sometimes, internal wiring failures, incorrect installations, or lack of maintenance can make an AC compressor burst. To ensure this issue never arises with your appliance, it is better to call experts for routine AC maintenance in Babylon and never attempt an installation yourself.

What Causes the Compressor to Explode?

Below are some top reasons that make an air conditioner compressor explode or burst.

  • Electrical Problems

A faulty piece of equipment can induce an acid accumulation, which can cause serious harm to other components in addition to the compressor. If a compressor fails, the holder should make certain that the technician checks for the presence of these acids. If this is found, an electrical fault has most likely caused damage throughout the unit that is not worth fixing.

In such cases, look for an HVAC service near me to have it replaced or removed. Electronic issues are frequently preventable when an expert engineer inspects the system. They can discern and fix damaged wires, fuses, and adapters before the system fails and the AC compressor malfunctions and explodes.

  • Insufficient Lubricant

The air conditioning unit’s oil grease is similar to blood in the body. When there is inadequate lubrication, the system cannot function properly, and a variety of problems can occur, such as air conditioner combustor failure and explosion. So to avoid this problem, it is prudent to call a qualified AC specialist who regularly inspects the oil quantities and fuel pump quality to avoid this issue.

  • Low Refrigerant Load

If the device’s coolant lines develop gaps or break, the air conditioning system leaks refrigerant. After a while, the value drops to the point where the compressor has to put more effort into pushing enough coolant through the device to cool the room. The pressure could induce the compressor to fail and blow up.

An unqualified person performs the air conditioning unit and unwittingly adds far too much. The use of the incorrect refrigerant can be potentially lethal to the compressor.

  • Clogs in the Suction Line

When the coolant lines in an air conditioning system become clogged or damaged, the first problem that is noticed is that the device does not chill as effectively. If the problem is not resolved, contact an AC repair professional because the high pressure and heat cause excessive heat and the AC compressor to malfunction.

  • Dirty Internal Coils

When dust, mud, and mineral scales build up on the condenser unit, the air conditioning system cannot leave the area with enough heat produced, forcing it to run continuously to cool the room. The compressor may overheat and explode due to the increased temperature and pressure.

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