9 Tips For Fall Air Conditioning Unit Preparation For Fall

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These are common winter preparation activities: purchasing a new jacket, double-checking the weather stripping on your front door, and looking through your attic for decorations. However, don’t forget to add fall HVAC maintenance to your list.

Advice on Preparing your HVAC System For Fall

  • Replace the Air Filter

Although it’s simple to overlook, changing your air filter is one of the easiest methods to increase your air conditioner’s effectiveness and prevent air conditioning repair in Babylon. Changing your air filter after summer is vital because the season strains your system with high temperatures, pollen, and other factors.

  • Clean the Vents

Over time, debris accumulates in the air vents, decreasing indoor air quality. Cleaning your air vents will help reduce the amount of junk in your air vents after a hot summer. It will not only enhance the air quality within your home but also diminish offensive odors and the impact of seasonal allergies on its occupants.

  • Modify the Thermostat’s Settings

Change the temperature settings on the thermostat for your air conditioner when you change the time. You should adjust the temperature in cooler weather according to your comfort level.

  • Examine the Air Ducts

It’s time to contact a professional AC maintenance in Babylon if you detect noticeable dust from your home’s air vents. Dust accumulates in the air ducts over time and is circulated throughout the rooms in your house. Ensure your air ducts are clean and prepared for the coming cooler weather in the fall.

  • Examination of the Evaporator Drain

If ignored, a blocked evaporator drain might be the beginning of worse issues. Over time, mildew and algae can clog the evaporator drain, causing floods in your home and expensive system repairs.

  • Evaporator Coil Examination

Over time, the evaporator coil may also gather dust, reducing your AC’s effectiveness. Suppose you decide to clean the coils yourself. In that case, a few different no-rinse coil cleaners are commercially available, but if you need assistance with AC maintenance in Babylon, contact a qualified expert.

  • Replace the Batteries in the CO Detectors

Home fires and CO poisoning incidents frequently increase in the fall and winter. Some of this results from the incorrect use of portable heaters or other fuel-burning appliances.

  • Clean up the Outdoor Unit of Debris

Maintaining the exterior unit can improve air quality and prepare your HVAC system for the next chilly months. Make sure nothing obstructs the unit’s ability to draw air into and out of it. Make sure to clear the area of any overgrown grass.

  • Keep the AC Compressor Safe

It’s time to prepare your HVAC system for the hurricane season, which lasts through November and includes the fall’s bad weather. Now is an excellent time to take measures since the AC compressor for your air conditioning system is outside. When powerful storms pass through the area, protect it. 


Contact Cool Air Designs Inc. to arrange a maintenance checkup and prepare your system for fall. Our professionals perform a complete inspection of your furnace and any necessary changes during the checkup to make sure your system is running correctly. You can also send us an mail for air conditioning repair in Babylon.